Monday, January 4, 2010

Harnassing the Power of Achievement

There is a very powerful tool being used online today that advertisers haven't seemed to fully grasp yet. I believe it's the reason the indie game industry is literally booming, Facebook games are so popular, and why Blizzard, the creator of World of Warcraft, is a mega-billion dollar company.

They understand the power of Achievement. This component to a game overshadows story, and sometimes even game-play. Instead of giving a person 1 goal (beat the game)..give them almost infinite goals. What is MobWars..but the never-ending achievement of gaining strength and power. If you play Xbox, you know the addictive pull of Achievement Points.

Is there a way to harnass this power in Interactive Advertising? I've seen many sites that have the "0/10 Secrets found" mechanic. Is this the beginning or just an echo?


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