Thursday, January 14, 2010

Put their face in it

Putting your friends face into a web animation/video isn't new, but it's being refined in Europe. Every-time I find a site using it lately, it feels brand-new and exciting.

These two sites are particularly cool -
Choose a way to assassinate your friend....deliciously morbid

Honor your friend by putting them in the role of a hero


Grey Matters

I'm a Digital ACD in Advertising land. I have been in love with the internet for over 10 years now. And I have a Red Bull problem. There I said it.

I travel around different industries every week or so and look for interesting and tasty interactive bits. I hope to make this a place for ad folk to keep up to date. And I just enjoy the spelunk.

Brain Pieces from Me

"There is a creative solution for everything."

"Sometimes, to be successful with Social Media, don't start a conversation. Start an argument."

"This is no longer the Age of Information, it's the Age of Opinion."

"The work that comes out of an Agency is the result of not going crazy while doing it."

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