Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Candy: Tofita

Happy New Year!  I was fortunate enough to have a nice long break between christmas and new years.  I'm back in business. I wanted to close out the Candy portion of my industry-dive with a candy I didn't look at last time, and I decided to troll The FWA to see what candy sites have been submitted there.

I found this, a Turkish candy called Tofita. This site actually feels like it's a candy site.

There was a ton of clay-mation work done to pull this off, from the menu's to even the pre-loader segments.  Speaking of menus, this is a great example of how a simple UI design will transcend language. I didn't necessarily know what I was clicking on, but I at least knew I was going to get more info of some type.

"Ürünler" apparently means TV spots.  This lady is a Raver (or Candy-Kid) version of Progressive's Flo.

Out of the sites I've looked at in this set, this is the most simple, but most fun way to show off the product.

Then there is a section for just weird clay-mation fun. If a Flash game was a required section, this site has the best conceptual set-up for one, but they didn't take the bite (or at least didn't have the budget).

Light, fun, sweet, playful..doesn't take itself seriously, and doesn't try too hard to be be anything than what it is. 


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