Thursday, December 22, 2011

Candy: Cadbury

I think the spot with the different animals clucking like chickens for Cadbury is eternal. And just behind it is a Gorilla playing drums.

Cadbury's Glass and Half Full Productions has been very busy the last couple of years. They went from being a full on Flash experience, to being a super content buffet. Everything from past campaigns, videos, a blog and a few Flash games that are tied to specific campaigns (rather than up there to just shamelessly gather engagement time.)

The menu is simple and doesn't try to categorize the content (but you can filter it yourself). And although I've seen it before, I like the Surprise! button. You can't ignore a surprise.

Surprise! There's a party in my pants.

Hey you can fling shit too!

Cadbury doesn't seem to have any qualms with letting their site consist of content past and present. It's a nice departure from the love it and leave it mentality the ad world has had for so long. Then again I shouldn't be surprised since Cadbury still runs that spot...


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