Thursday, December 15, 2011

Candy: Butterfinger

Butterfinger, like most of its candy counterparts has focused its efforts across the social space. The Butterfinger site is a combination of the Snickers and M&M's. Like the former, it wants you to pass on quickly to its social partners, but if you insist on staying, its got some Flash games like the latter.

The primary design aesthetic might be "afterthought".

I've never had the pleasure of working on a site or brand that felt the need to have mini-games on their website so I don't know if they actually work. Seems like a good theory on paper - people come + everyone loves games = people stay longer = profit! But for the most part the games end up weaker than games on Kongregate. I thought a few years ago we would start to see the decline of this type of content, or even an evolution of it.

I will admit that this particular game has a cool concept though.
You zoom into the crowd to find and nab Butterfinger thieves.

It's not until you peruse the Butterfinger social properties that you really see the digital investment. Home videos on YouTube, and a brand-produced short movie directed by Rob Lowe on Facebook.

From the modern master of psychological terror Rob Lowe. lol.

I could only handle watching about 2 minutes, but that's more on the part of my ADD then anything else. Props to Butterfinger for the effort however, I wonder if they had any sort of media buy driving to it?

/.modern master of stuff.\

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