Friday, September 11, 2009

Cable Ready #2: HBO Comedy Fetishes

Do you laugh at very long awkward moments? You may have a comedy fetish.

I laugh at the word pickles. That's me being honest about my pickle fetish.

Enter HBO's Comedy Fetish site

Basically it's just a stylish clip portal. Pick your fetish, and see clips from their shows...fetishes like Full-Frontal Confrontation, Nasty Comebacks, Premature Evaluations, or Redneck Raunch.

Throw in a way for you to collect your favorites and send a play-list to your friends...

Top it off with a co-promotion with Funny Or Never seen this particular promotion before - Submit your own funny viral video?!

Sarcasm aside, it's a tight little package. Like a virgin hobbit. (another fetish of mine).


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