Monday, September 21, 2009

Cable Ready #6: A&E

Ok, one more post and then we're done with Cable shows for now.

I was determined to see if the Photo-hunt game-type was a common occurence in other stations sites. While I did find another photo-hunt on the A&E site, it was the following piece that prompted me to add another post. (BTW - the History channel has the best games I've discovered).

AE has an Interactive Investigation that is basically a choose your own adventure through a "ghost-hunter" like show. You choose the people to talk to and the actions the team performs.
I think it's a web-only show and cast.

Why web-only cast though? What excites me about this is the thought of interactive tv. Why limit it?

Here's a crazy test. Take a show like Heroes. It's premiering tonight, and it's 2 hours. Why not put it up the day before online - but interactive. Where you choose a hero/plotline and experience the episode through that perspective..making the choices along the way.

1. The viewing experience for fans could possibly go from 2 hours to 3+ (with replays and revisits).
2. Ad impression would be minutes not seconds (see #1)

1. Plot revealed a day before. Oh well.

There must be more Cons..any thoughts?


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