Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crunchy #1: Pringles

It seems natural to follow up Energy drinks with it's companion the snack things. I say snack things because some of the places I go might not qualify as "potato" or "chips".

First up is Pringles.

After having my eyeballs assaulted with content, a simple page like this is somewhat of a relief. However, like a single Pringle chip, this site is incredibly light and not much of a snack. There are product pages:

Fancy-pants "star-glows" are abundant through-out the animations of the site. But these don't provide the salty-ness needed to make me crave more pages. (forgive me please).

If you noticed on the homepage there is a button for a Design Your Own Can promotion. I thought this would give me something interesting to talk about...but it's a 404. That's not good.

What is good is their implementation on Facebook.

Pringles apparently uploads low-budget video shorts of people singing about their chips, dancing, running with bulls etc. It's hard to tell if these are spots, user-generated or scripted. But it looks like they get a lot of comments and thumbs up. This is a great example of how to "talk" to your community..it's not so much talking as it is entertaining. There isn't a youtube channel that I could find..but why worry about that when you have an audience this big on Facebook?


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