Friday, June 19, 2009

Twitch #2: Rockstar Energy

I think i've got a handle on Monsters and Rockstars internet strategies.

Step 1: Load up an out-of-work kid with as much of your product as possible.
Step 2: Lock him up in the basement and make him design your site and your myspace pages.

I can feel his heart racing, and his eyes bulging just looking at this page.

This page is what happens right before the crash.

Step 3: Find athletes to sponsor in any sport that isn't already saturated with class 1 brands. Find any musician that has long hair or looks creepy emo. And in Rockstars case...find da breasteses.

This page puts the jack in jacked up.

Step 4: Knock on the basement door. Is the kid still alive? Have him make Myspace and Facebook fan pages every day for the next...well fuck it...forever.

"welcome to the human race." - Snake Blisken

oh and one last thing - 69? Be careful your boners don't explode.


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