Monday, June 8, 2009

Prepare to Flash #1: Canon

This is not a sudden epiphany for me, nor is it surprising, but goddamn there is a lot of retail on the web. I'm not knocking it, but there's a whiney part of me that's not happy seeing my web-of-a-million-surprises stacked high with lists of items,prices, descriptions, reviews, fuckity-blah-for-blah. Between Amazon, Ebay and every other company with a product to sell, the internet is 90% catalog. Thank god we can't see it all at once.

Strolling through the cramped Canon store I managed to take a few interesting shots.

Canon teamed up with VII Photo Agency to create content for the micro-site above. This makes three sites in the life of this blog that use the "collection of objects sitting on surface as interface" concept. The last two were illustrated, and this one, of course, is photo-realistic. I think I'll put together a collection of most over-used techniques later.

The fellows from VII provided photos for the site, and guess how the photos are displayed...
Seems like a logical interface. However, the buttons are set up for "photo-gallery" navigation. You would think that this would be an excellent spot for getting familiar with the actual controls of the camera.

The camera as an interface is used in other spots in the Canon site as well -
I've never researched camera's before, so I don't know if this is a common mechanic. I guess I'll know more by the end of this week.


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