Friday, June 26, 2009

Crunchy #2: Cheetos

If you haven't seen the latest Cheetos campaign, you're missing Chester re-cast as, what appears to be, a Bond villian. How can you not love that? I was hoping that the same irreverant and somewhat surreal fun would be carried on to the web.....and shit disappointment there.

The Cheetos site is the biggest collection of beautiful absurdity that I have ever seen on a commercial website. That jumble of TV's you see is on a platform you can spin, and every minute or so odd things the above, or a clown reading sad poetry. And that's just the menu.


Feed Katy. You click and drag a cheeto to her mouth. I only fed her four, but if anyone has found out how many you have to feed her to get her to lose the shirt, let me know. (oink).

Chester's voice modulator. "No, Mister Bond, I expect you to die."

Legend of the Cheetocorn. A platformer game...with a story line that made the lol. Dr. Picklehands??

This part is pure brilliance. Upload a webcam video of yourself eating cheetos and it gets added to the 24 hour Cheetos channel. I wish I'd thought of that, and I may steal it.

That's 4 out 10 sections of random fun. And that's just the main site, if you click on the Orange Underground...

RAOC. Random Acts Of Cheetos. Clips and unlockables from the rebellion.

There is so much good stuff in the Cheetos netmind, I almost didn't want to post it as #2. I hope some of Cheetos competition can hang.


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