Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prepare to Flash #2: Nikon

Today's post is mostly about Nikon, but I did want to include a quick shot from the Polaroid site --

It's the "collection of objects sitting on surface" interface! This is almost as popular as the Rock Band / Guitar Hero mechanic. I'm excited to see how many more we find!

Nikon's US homepage has considerably more life to it than the Canon one. Probably due to less products, but still...
Full-screen images with a filter for searching them, and notes including who the photographer was and what Nikon took the picture. Feels very modern and clean.

Sniffing around a bit further I found the Ashton Kutcher CoolPix site.

This here is their take on demonstrating and contrasting the zoom capabilities of the CoolPix models. You can either choose a camera, or use the zoom toggle in the bottom center to zoom further into the scene.

I really like this - I get it. This is something that would influence my purchase. The zoom technique..not Ashton..just to clarify.

Other than a section for uploading your photo for a chance to get on Ashton's CoolPix ( I don't know that means..but it's creepy for some reason), the only other real meat to this stew is your friend and mine...

The product 360. I haven't seen one of these in awhile. This creature tends to lurk in automotive jungles.

Ok, onward, I go. Hopefully we'll find that one perfect photo before the week is out.


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