Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Candy Week: M-Ms Part I

M&M's are quite the busy netbee's. Today we start at the source, the official site.

Standard masthead with "news". Check.
Standard promotion boxes below masthead. Check.
Great creative assets to work with. Check.
Safe? Check.

They do have a "make your own" m-m. Not a terrible surprise really. But not terribly bad either.

It screams animate me, but that is missing. I want to see my blue m-m strutting around arrogantly in his "I melt for no man" kind of way.

The Character you make follows you throughout some other sections of the site. Most notably the "Games" section. The Games section has almost made it's way into the standard vernacular for sites nowadays. A distant fourth after the now standard "videos" or "media". I don't understand why companies insist on making their own games though. They usually don't have the budget or the connection to make an actually interesting game, and fall short. There are so many great games, and small time game companies out there making great games.

However, I will concede that their 50 Dark Movies visual puzzle game has an original flair about it.

I love M&M's. And the characters are fun. I want to enter the site and be hanging out in their pad. Watching them do what they do all day. Whatever that is. Ask them questions, have them respond. Play a game with one, instead of an imitation of some other better cheap game. I want Green to try to seduce me to the Dark side. Make me spend some time to earn a spot in their little club. Give me an M&M for every thing I find, and tell me that I'm still X M&M's short of a full packet.


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