Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Candy Week: M&M's Part 2

M&M's also have a solid base on Facebook.

They have two apps, both built off of tried-and-true formulas - "poke a friend" and "which X are you". I'm surprised that they haven't connected their "Build Your M&M" app to facebook yet. Would add a nice level of personalization, not to mention cohesion.

Promotions are apparently the number one priority on their docket right now. They are selling solid color packets, but if you find one with mixed colors you can win instantly. The promotion has a small movie that opens it and gets you on to redeem your prize. If you don't have a winning packet, you can still have a chance at a second-string prize.

It looks like the contest is only for Australians or New Zealanders (i thought this was a made up country?(1).) Seems odd having this on their global Facebook fan page.

I'm sure there's a lot of reasons why they might not be selling those packets in the US or other countries (or that they might not have rolled it out yet, or i'm completely wrong about it being just in Austrailia). But they could add a simple flash site that allows you to open packet after packet of online m&m's until you find a multi-colored pack. Or "hatch" a package - if you want to use a mechanic that's growing in popularity. Then give them a third string prize, like access to a different Facebook app, or just a unique avatar image. Then your isolated contest could reach everyone.

EDIT: And after my input above I find the "Hunt For Yellow" interactive "Instant win" game (you still need a UPC off a product). For US residents. I humbly withdraw my little ideas.

I'll wrap up with their fan count: 713,692. Eat your..chewy center?.. out Snickers.


1 I think Murray has become my favorite character.

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