Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deck Week: Alienware

Alienware is a manufacturer that specializes in gaming computers with a unique look. Well, unique is a rather lame way to say it. More like Kick Ass. Bomb. Whatever your kids say when they mean "f'n sweet", that word applies. Alienware knows they make a great looking product, so much that they even have a Make-Your-Own-Wallpaper App on the site.

Choices include all their desktop and laptop computers, game characters, backgrounds etc. Sizing, skewing etc allowed of course.

Staying true to their gaming soul, Alienware also has their own Digital Network of video channels.
Topics range from their tie-ins with gaming tournaments, execs answering questions and satisfied customer stories. A quick check on YouTube shows that they indeed have a channel there, along with all the same videos it seems.

To the Product! Each product page has...prepare to be surprised...a masthead! Since I know we're going to be seeing alot of our dear friend the Flash masthead, I'm going to talk about them as we see them. Maybe we'll find something new and exciting in Flash masthead land.

The mastheads have a fair amount of CGI video, and hot-spots that offer up video demos instead of static images. Ah, Hot-spots, the dry hump of interactivity. The videos that open the page do a good job of cementing the high-tech feeling of the systems though.

All the above aside, this is a retail site. And the little turquoise button at the right sucks you into Customizing. There is nothing like customizing your product, knowing you can click a button and buy it right there. Unlike the Car industry where the BYO's only give you a brief fantasy reprieve from visiting the dealer.

Must....click....buy now....

The most notable thing, which isn't really a web thing, but is great business, is that they have a selection of 21 top games you can buy along with your laptop. They come already installed. Remember when you just got Solitaire and Minesweeper?


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