Monday, August 17, 2009

Add Milk #1: Trix

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Where else do you get all the sugar you need for the day?

Let's talk about Rabbits. Silly ones:

There's no adult end of this pool. It's games games games all around the world.

This is a fun little exploratory section. Clicking on the colored billboards allows you to download coloring sheets of that image. There's rabbits to click on, rabbits riding bicycles, and even a giant T-Rex like rabbit that wanders through occasionally. You'll find odd little scenes if you click around the windows of the buildings. Would be fun to see an adult version of this (i mean adult, not pr0n, dirty rabbit).

No kid's site is complete without a "build your own character" section. You can add your character to the scene, but it doesn't really do anything but sit there on the street.

I just included this because the bowling game has some interesting art.

So much to do on these sites, when do kids find the time to be ADD anymore?


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