Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Power Up #2: Wolfenstein

Wandering around the dark halls of an ancient german castle, blasting away Nat-zi's, was my first FPS experience. The latest in the 17-year old franchise was just released last week.

I miss seeing more sites like this. Just pure design flexin.

Couple of interesting bits here. The first is a graphic novel webisode series that extends the story line of the game. You can watch it in full-screen as well.

The second strikes me as a very cool idea. The website offers missions to members of the community. These missions earn you points, although I'm not sure what the points get you, if anything (not that it matters...i present xbox achievements as exhibit A). Missions include creating a wallpaper from a picture pack or finishing a story that has been posted.

The web is a perfect place to extend the entertainment of a game, whether it's the story or interactivity. I like to think we're going to see the online advertising and actual games begin to merge into one complete experience.


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