Friday, August 28, 2009

Power Up #3: Pokémon Ranger

Friday I'm in love.

Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia for the DS has some tasty clicky tidbits on their site.

Here's a simple and elegant example of some interactivity synergy between game and website. As you know the DS is a touch-screen system that you use a stylus with to play most games. This game apparently revolves around using the stylus to catch pokemon. Maybe that's how all pokemon games are..i don't know i'm admittedly ignorant on das pokemon. Anyway, if you look to the slight left of the blue bird inthe middle of the screen you'll see a stylus and a little pokemon. To get access to the downloads in the site you must catch pokemon through-out the site by circling them with the stylus (which is your mouse pointer of course).

Hunting these little guys opens up wallpapers and downloads of the such.

Ok so sometimes i'm easily amused. Even things like this intrigue me:

The disc in the middle swings around and the balls go from white to yellow as you see all the pokemon in the game.

Hard-hitting exploration here eh? Heh.


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