Monday, August 10, 2009

Furniture #1: Lazy-Boy and Modern Line

I seemed to have been sucked into a black hole between last Wednesday and today. Somewhere along the way I lost Friday's blog post. It was incredible, but lost forever.

We're starting off this next set with Furniture. Exciting!

No different than most industries online, Furniture is pretty straight forward. Product on display, buy product online, smile and repeat.

One piece of interactivity that pops out though is the Room Builder. I think I'll focus on that for the next few posts to see if we can't find the best one out there.

Lazy-Boy's Room Builder

Simple to use, nice thumbs of the furniture on the left. You can click "more info" on them:

Seems like a no-brainer.

The only thing I didn't like is that you can't select TV's or other none furniture items to put into your room. I assume it's because they don't sell TV's etc. But they could at least offer plain boxes that you could size to give you an idea of room placement.

Modern Line's Room Builder

This builder is a bit more involved, and has that snazzy measuring tape thingy. This one allows you to put in a lot more types of objects. The only con is that you don't have thumbs of the actual merchandise.

I'm going to keep looking for others, but I'm wondering how long before someone makes the end-all Room Builder app. Or if i'm just very late and there is one out there. Seems like nowadays you could add a Room Level view and see the room in 3D from different angles.

i guess like this


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