Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Furniture #2: Haverty's and Thomasville

You are on the edge of your seat, wondering if I found the ultimate Room Planner, yes?

Well, I may have.

You must wonder, why Snamo? Why do you selflessly search so that I may eagerly consume these interactive morsels brought from the depths of the business web? I do not know kind reader. I only know that i must.

Before we get to the ultimate, there is Havertys furniture:

This one is a combination of the two previous planners we saw. You can view the products, and you can add all the typical things found in living rooms. (besides cats crying for food, lazy dogs and destructive 2-year olds). Like the others the interface is incredibly easy to use, you can place, resize and save your layouts for future reference.

I liked this one the best so far, and noticed it was powered by Icovia. Popping over to their site I found that they create Room Planning software....and this:

sweet. I don't know if this really is the ultimate, but it's a game-ender for me. Build your room and see it rendered in 3D? Done and done my friends.

The above image is from Icovia's site. I went over to Thomasville's site to play with the app first hand but they require you to create an account before you get access to it.

Are you fucking kidding me? I have enough fucking accounts on the web. I don't need to remember another fucking password. alkdgja;lgd. So, I didn't sign up.

And one more thing, they don't hint at this delicious app on their site at all. In fact I had sniffed around this site Monday and left because there was nothing that seemed interesting. If I had an app like this for people to use, I'd advertise that on the homepage.

Maybe it's all a hoax. I can live with not knowing. Make me register, ha.


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