Monday, July 6, 2009

Beep Beep #1: Honda Fit

Advertising for cars online has a unique set of challenges. To me, the biggest challenge is taking a product with up to, or over, 100 features and producing something that is informative but engaging at the same time (and isn't an infomercial).

Today, the Honda Fit's "Race To Defend Fit City."

If you remember the campaign from a few months back, you saw vicious cgi bug-like vehicles chasing the Honda Fit in the TV spots. Online they took this a bit further and created a simple game that has you racing and out-maneuvering the Fuelivores. The game is set up to allow you to play from the Fit's point of view, or the bad guys. However, you cannot play the bad guys until you've finished the Fit's story line first.

The game's intro highlights features that make sense within the context of the story, and none of it feels out of place or forced.

The gameplay is simple, you use the arrow keys to move right or left to dodge things in the road. Every now and then you have to press the spacebar to make your Fit turn into a giant blowfish and lose the Fuelivore on your tail.

A real cool feature to this game is that pressing W or I at anytime will create a Wallpaper or Icon.

Pressing "I" will pause the game and give you a target box to use to catch the perfect icon.

At the end you can check out a 360 0f the vehicle, and some close-ups of the Fuelivores. And of course there are hotspots. You don't see hotspots so much in other industries as you do in the auto world. They are the dry-hump of interactivity.

There aren't any hotspots on the Fuelivores, which makes me slightly sad, but I won't complain.


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