Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fizzopolis #2: Dr. Pepper

I took some time to look at the coolers today in my local market to refresh my memory of the brands of soda (or pop) available. Not much has seemed to change since I was a kid. Different flavors of the same ol' soda.

Today in the arena is an old gladiator we've all grown up with:

I didn't get thirsty, but it's a classy display.

Found two especially interesting pieces here:

This app is for building things out of Dr. Pepper 12 pack cases in a isometric tetris setting. I wasnt sure what to build so I checked out the gallery.

Smart and sexy with a simple scrubber that allows for X, Y, and Z viewing.

There's also an Augmented Reality portion to this, where you can see your creation in full 3D. AR is enjoying a bit of an underground buzz right now. I'm guessing every agency has some cool renegade digital creatives trying to pitch an AR concept.

The second piece is a driving game to coincide with their Camaro give-away.

I'm gonna make a list at some point of the best tailor-made games I've seen so far, and this one will be in the top 5. Not for gameplay, but for concept. You drive the camaro through a google-maps generated satellite view. The best part is that you can supply your own route and race the Camaro through that. Great combo thinking and could've been it's own site...


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