Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beep Beep #2: Saturn

The website "masthead" has become a pillar of standards in commercial websites over the years. Typically this is a place for announcements, promotional slideshows, and the occasional video. Saturn took their masthead above and beyond the typical paginated slide presentation.

Their masthead is a neighborhood, complete with joggers, cars passing by and people busy in their yards.

You can click and drag to scroll the scene to the right or left and see what the family next door is up to. Of course every house has a Saturn parked out front, and sometimes one passes you as you move through the neighborhood.

Each moving piece in the neighborhood is clickable, leading to other portions of the site for more information.

I count at least 16 different scenes before you completely loop.

In a world where "interactive" has taken a backseat to "social", or in some cases, regarded as the same word (ugh!)..its' nice to see some people are still experimenting and creating things other than just buttons or videos.


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