Friday, July 31, 2009

Shampoo #2: Tresammé

There are not many reasons to use the color black as the background of your site. It makes text harder to read, and is generally uncomfortable. The wonderfully sarcastic saying "CAPSLOCK IS CRUISE-CONTROL FOR COOL" could be used for the color black as well.

And..on to Tresamme:

Style news, How-To videos and Expert advice. The trifecta for any self-respecting hair product site.

The Styleseeker portion is a blog for beauty/fashion products. Looks up-to-date with postings just a few hours ago, and has been around for over a year, but is missing any notable comment activity. This made me interested in seeing what kind of activity was going on in the Community section.

No post since last fall that I could see. If you read some of the posts you might find a clue as to why.

"Love the Simply No Frizz Spray Gel. My hair is curly, which I totally love, but it can get really frizzy, which I hate! This product works the best for me."

This is what the Social Media evan's are talking about. People talking about your brand. To themselves mostly. Imagine a thread of ten posts like that. I wouldn't stick around's kinda creepy.

A Forum isn't a Field of Dreams. And a Game does not equal more time on site.

Yes I said Game!

This is an interesting little piece. It's a time-management game where you have to balance helping people in a salon, money and products. The product fits seamlessly into the concept. When you click to work on someone's hair, the game offers you the choice of Tresamme's products.

There are hundreds of Flash game portals out there. If you make a unique and interesting game for your product..why not post it on those portals?


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