Monday, July 20, 2009

Fizzopolis #1: Mountain Dew

The O.G. of Energy drinks.

It's amazing to me that with all the talent we have in the web design world, we still have major brands with sites like this:

All the personality of algae. Other than a quirky low-budget video on the History of Dew (ok it's a little charming) there isn't much to the site. Ok, I lie, there's games! Small strange little games that skitter about in the moss. I caught a couple of these odd creatures and pinned them up for you -


Move over EA.

I almost decided to explore a different industry when I clicked through to one of their promotional sites.

Now this was more to my liking. The "Check out our brand art done by featured artists" thing is as common as .. mold? (i've stretched my metaphor and hear it's skin tearing). But the site has an old-school flash feeling that made me want to click around a bit.

I'm glad I did because this is a rather advanced design tool hidden in the site's depths.

Why do we continuously come up with great ideas to shove into sites, instead of making that great idea the whole site. Want to kill a good idea? Make it a section of a website. Sections of websites get a fraction of the budget. The website gets the full budget. I'm not going to visit the artist pages...but if you showed me the artists while I designed something with your tool, I'd probably check them out.

How bout making the tool the homepage. The information you have (ie. artists, events) could be expand/collapse boxes on the right. The white drawing area could serve both as a canvas, and an image area for the artists bottles. Ah 20/20 or some shit.

I see this in sites everywhere. There are great ideas suffering from sectionitis. A tragedy.


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zelley said...

"Move over EA" hahahaha!

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