Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bier #1: Heinekin Draught Keg

May is the new October!

I think I'm going to start posting every other day from here on out, if anyone has a problem with that feel free to post a comment and I'll cherish the fact that there are, indeed, readers of my little blog out there.

It's still a micro-site world out there, and Heineken is no different. There isn't much to the main site, but a click away is the Draught Keg microsite.

Walking out of the commercial, the robot lady struts her stuff on the site while you decide if you want to hit the dance floor or learn more about the keg. I was slightly worried that Hit the Dance Floor would be yet another Guitar Hero-ish game, but it was just another Upload Your Photo or friends photo app.

The upload puts your picture(s) into the faces of these odd dancing robots. I have to admit I uploaded co-workers photos and watched them dance.

The other portion of the site is the information on the keg itself. This ends up being just a regular hot-spot oriented info dump.

All in all the site is fair, and must've had a decent budget to create the CGI dance sequence. I would rather have seen where and how the robot lady lives. A peek into the party lifestyle of the silicon jetset, where the keg is getting used, and the some of the people/bots are dancing and some are making-out on the couch. Allow me to upload my friends photos to throw them into the party as the participants. Show me how well the keg fits into a normal setting, how many cups you can get out of it in practice, etc. Better yet, just send me a free six-pack :)


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