Monday, May 18, 2009

Fast Food #2: McDonalds

It looks like the McDonalds strategy for the web is being frugal.

I sincerely hope a freelancer somewhere made a fat check off this. There is nothing to the main site, but there are a few paths leading from it into more colorful territory.

They are currently campaigning for their McCafé line of coffee beverages. This micro-site would probably have felt more at home in my Coffee series a month back, but since McD's is offering slim pickins at the moment, it, like the pig's herding, will do.

The site is a collection of sketches explaining the difference between normal words, like Lame and it's more flamboyant cousin Lamé. You see the shadows of the people setting up the stage between the quick sketches, which gives the site a living feeling. There isn't anything very remarkable here, but that living feeling could be used to create an interesting bit of interactivity. Even something as simple as creating a flashlight effect with the mouse to show the people while they're working, perhaps having them freeze in the light, or showing something completely different than what you expect. Probably not the type of technique that fits the Beatnik flavor of this site, but could be interesting for something else.

The only other path off the main site is to a kid's microsite at .. nice score on the URL. It's got everything you'd expect on there, games, activities and learning games. Basically, games games and a few more games.

They all float down here, Billy.


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