Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fast Food #4: BK

The general BK site is just one small step above it's McD's counterpart.

It has better design work and small transition videos between sections, but not much nourishment. However, we know that Crispin Porter & Bogusky do not disappoint, so it wasn't surprising to find the Kingon Defense Academy training site.

If you've missed the commercials, Kingons have been stealing BK/Star Trek cups, and using merciless tactics like nipple twists. If you're worried about having your cup stolen, you can watch the 10+ videos on tactics to use against the Kingons here.

Like, if you're worried about getting a wedgie. These videos will show you how to defend yourself.

Of which, hitting the Kingon in the balls is a tactic used most often.

Nothing interactive here, except as you progress and gain rank (by watching videos) you can 1-click Tweet your success.

A few years back, CP+B put up a site for Chicken sandwich that unlocked video clips based on the amount of traffic the page got. There was a measurement bar that would show the amount needed to open the subsequent videos. I thought that was a great idea at the time, but never heard as to how well it did. I have no real reason for bringing this up :)


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