Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bier #2: Blue Moon Brewing

Every ten sites or so I come across one that feels like a lot of love went into it. Sure there are a lot of ones that look expensive, but those don't necessarily have the charm that sites like the Blue Moon Brewing site have.

There's atmosphere and texture you can only get with Flash, and it's nice to see sites that try to squeeze as much as they can out of it. We saw the same concept with the Rowling site, but it's hard to knock someone when they do it well. The site's content is in a tabbed notebook, with the appropriate page flipping sounds and movement.

There's is a lot of attention to detail, even in the writing. Little tidbits like "We made the intern clean it out" add more flavor.

There's a Beer brewing app that's just like the Cadbury chocolate mixer app, sans the odd little parrot.

And there's an gallery of fan art that's full of display worthy pieces. The chess set made out of bottles and labels wins for me.

There's nothing new here, but the style trumps. However, it does make me think of how you would take the basic concept (ie. table top, book/scrapbook) and give it a twist. What would it be like to have a book you're looking at come to life? If the contents of the book exploded out at you, like some crazy pop-up book. Hm, that doesn't seem original to me either. Zombies? Ok this post is officially over with.


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