Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fashion Armor #3: Dolce & Gabbana (with a Reserved cherry)

If the Adidas site is a content kingdom, then the Dolce & Gabbana site is a loose federation of states that desperately want their own identity. I expected an expensive experience to go along with their high-end line, but it looks like they're spending their money on new microsites every time they have something to show and trying to keep them contained under one roof.

It starts out looking like it's got everything under control. But then you click something.

Apparently the Federal Government of D&B requires all it's states to open full-screen, even if they don't have full-screen content. This above is just a little purse display.

If you're going to force someone's browser to open full-screen, show your photos full-screen.

90% of these states are just different photo galleries, with no remarkable navigation beyond thumbnails and arrows.

I did happen upon this however,

Bask in the glory of our wall of sun glasses. Interesting display idea, but put together like it was an afterthought.

To see a more cohesive display of a fashion collection, one can go to Reserved.

Their Abstracted 2009 is contained within a simple narrative, and effortlessly escorts you between choices and full-screen reveals. You do feel more at a fashion show.


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