Friday, May 1, 2009

Silver Screen #5: Monsters vs. Aliens

The last site for the week throws a helping hand to evolving A.D.D to brand new heights.

On the surface it's a full-screen beauty. You use the arrows on the left and right to take you to new scenes, and each scene has it's own clip of the movie. I think i've seen at least 20 minutes of the movie by now.

Once you start clicking around...remember Robin Williams in Moscow on the Hudson, where he plays the Russian defector? There's a scene where he's trying to buy toilet paper, and when faced with a whole isle full of choices he goes into an almost epileptic fit. That would be me as a kid, on this site. It's big, it's bad, and it baby-sits your kids for two days.

Games! Monsters Creator! Trading Card Creator! Activities! Secret ID badges! Download and create Cootie Catchers, Cards, Stickers, Party Favors.....whew..that's about half of it.

No longer does Mom and Dad have to go to Walmart, or Burger King to get all the fixins for turning their kids life into the current cartoon o' the day. This is a one-stop shop. It's actually quite impressive.

Most of it was created for quantity vs. quality, but then again thinking of the target -
This probably works just fine.

Or this:

Yea i've got one. It works at all the hot clubs around town.

The Monster Creator is interesting once you download the "Unity plug-in" and install it. Seems like an odd disruption of flow, and unneeded with all the Flash creators we've seen around lately.

I think you can get the same style of cel shading with flash, but maybe there were other reasons for using this plug-in. The way your build your monster is a bit different, and more contextual as far as their target "creator". The machine asks you questions like "What did you eat for breakfast" and "what's your favorite school subject", and gives you funny or real options depending on the question. It takes your answers and builds your monster. Then you can add color, or a bowtie (my personal preference).

Yesterday I was talking about ARGs extending the movie experience, and this site does that in one big treasure box way.

/.what would an arg be like for kids?.\

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