Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fashion Armor #1: Diesel

Monday hit me like I slept with it's wife. So, today I'm gonna start looking at clothing sites. First up this week is Diesel. I haven't been to Diesel's site in quite awhile, to my chagrin. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who promotes their brand in such a beautiful mind-fugging way. I went in search of some interactive advertising and ended up clearing out cobwebs I didn't know I had in my lizard brain.

Diesel's site is one big video display, with 4 or 5 videos running one after another. The first one is an advert for their foray into furniture, it's got a good soundtrack and even better visual flow. Being the desensitized viewer that I am, I was about to click on to Collections when this came up after...

It's "The Rise and Fall of Pete the Meat Puppet". It's a ballad/video of Pete's search for the meaning of life after coming to life by suckling at the breast of the lonely butcher woman who made him (and then died from shock at having her meat puppet come to life). The site had it's dirty meat hooks in me.

After Pete came three episodes of "Dance Party". The first episode (seen above) introduces you to the contestants who look like their being interrogated in prison. The third one, which I feel is a must-see, is the "Solo Dances". The contestants (all in Diesel underwear) are put into a large room and called out individually to dance in the middle. I don't think i can say anything else that will do this shit justice.

Video isn't interactive advertising, but I seriously can't see this stuff on TV. It's a great example of how the internet has given the reigns to the mad scientists of advertising and we're all bouncing around the carriage, struggling to hold on, some of us puking off the side, others of us laughing and having a great time.

You can check out all these videos on their Youtube page as well.

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