Thursday, April 30, 2009

Silver Screen #4: Terminator Salvation

It seems like only the geek's get cool stuff online when it comes to movies. Yay for us.

Full-screen video seems to be the weapon of choice. The scrub bar is neat, it's worked into the design - you can see it above the video in red.

Like Star Trek and Wolverine there's a lot going on here. There are two web games, one your more traditional "game" and the other is an Alternate Reality Game. The traditional one had some troubles connecting right away, and I was too interested in the ARG, so I can't report much about it.

The Alternate Reality Game asks you to choose between:

The Resistance

Or Skynet:

There's a strategy game connected to this that has the two communities building resources until they have enough to go to battle. I didn't dive in too deep, but you can check out more here. A quick stop over at leads me to believe there's an undercurrent of complexity going on here, more so then what you see on the website.

ARGs completely fascinate me. At their heart, they're just a game. But there's something about them that falls beyond your "Advertainment" genre. When an ARG is created for a true "creative" product, like a Film or TV show, it not only promotes that product, but extends the entertainment. I would say it's actually more of an extension than it is a promotion. An ARG takes a 2 hour movie, and makes a 20-100 hour "experience" depending on the depth at which they take the story. That's a helluvah lot of value for a 8 dollar movie ticket (if you even go to the movie).

I missed this the other day, but there seems to be a Star Trek ARG as well. I think it started off with this photo:

No joke. There's a really odd URL on the wall to the right green lady. You can see more on this here.

/.arg means i love you in pirate.\

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