Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boob Tube #3: Philips Cinema

The Boob Tube series ends (for now) with a really great piece of brand interactive. It's microsites like this that keep me loving what I do.

After choosing a viewing mode (HD full-screen recommended) a movie title sequence totes the product as the World's First Cinema Proportion TV. What follows starts like a movie but is actually one continuous shot, frozen in mid-action.

The camera moves slowly through the frozen action of a blow-out battle between the police and a group of bank robbers wearing clown masks. If you mouse-over the movie you find you can control the motion of the camera along it's path. Dragging can move the camera forward or back, or stop to check out some crazy piece of action.

At several points in the scene there are spots where you can choose to stop and a key member of the film crew will walk out and talk about an important aspect of film-making. Each topic also relates to a selling point of the tv set, whether it's the lighting or the ability to see the whole picture.

The concept is beautifully simple. The scene has some really cool nooks and crannies. Someone put some love into crafting this scene. And if you watch it completely you realize there's a narrative, a simple story from beginning to end.

I'd recommend checking it out for yourself.


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