Thursday, April 23, 2009

Story-Tellers #1: J.K. Rowling

I must confess I have not read the Potter books, but the movies have been a guilty late night pleasure as they appear On Demand. I'm sure the books are probably better, but I'm more of George R.R Martin fan.

I don't know if this topic will last the rest of the week, but considering the gem I've found here, I have hopes that I'll find at least one more ("Ka" if you will).

The site consists of a cluttered desk top that begs to be explored. The desk concept as an interface isn't new, but choosing to use an illustration style vs a photo-realistic style really builds an atmosphere.

There are plenty of content nooks and roll-over crannies.

Odd doors and light switches that seem to do nothing but turn the lights of the site on and off. I have a feeling (mostly due to a tiny clock you probably can't see to the right of the door) that there is a time-based event system here. If you visit at a certain time of the day you might find some more content.

The HELP button tells you to look for "Potterania" hidden throughout the site, which when found, is stored in your scrapbook. Just clicking around didn't reveal any of these to me, which tells me this site is more like one of the large volumes of Potter than a light fluffy Flash piece.

Even the links page has a story to it.

Being a story-teller and bringing that in some fashion to your online presence, makes so much sense it almost seems like magic.


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