Thursday, April 2, 2009

Deck Week:Banner Land

Since another hour of searching through computer manufacturer websites didn't turn up anything that stands out as interactive advertising, I popped over to Banner Blog to see what I could find there.

First up:

Can't really get more content-related then this. Dell chose to highlight the gaming power of it's XPS laptop. Moving your mouse anywhere moves the weapon's targeting, and a red diamond specifies the sweet spot to hit. Once you've destroyed the tank, you can continue to "play" as a helicopter flies about begging to be destroyed as well.

Fast forward maybe 5 years? Will ads like these actually contain a viable representation of a console game? Which has me thinking. Dell features a secret Level from Halo 6 that you can play on, right on the homepage. Complete this level and get 10 Xbox Live achievement points. SOLD to the achievement whore typing this.

Second Up:

Before Click

After click

So, there isn't really much interactivity here. However, seeing a man moving around in his chair in the first frame (it's video) does make you wonder what will happen when you hit the switch.

The pay-off however, is rather weak. This whole part of the post is weak, I'm not even sure if that's for a laptop or computer anyway.

and Third:

HP is pushing the personal aspect of their computers. The "build a poem or message" mechanic is making its rounds. I think it needs something more though. If you could leave a message for the next person to come to this page..that would be pretty cool.


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