Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Silver Screen #3: The Multiplex

Today is tough, I'm working late so I don't have too much. However, it was designs and some nice flash-use that stuck out today while I was quick-surfing movie sites. Here's a few of what I found:

LinkHA. Did you think I was kidding yesterday! This site was very true to it's chick-flick roots. Light and fluffy. The use of large individual shots in the foreground, and side-scrolling was something i might steal some other day.Link

Next up:

This site is both Fast and Furious. Faked full-screen video rages while zooming you to each section of content. There's not much loading time that I could tell, which is probably why they made the half -screen video look like it was full-screen. Nice trick.

The navigation for the site was worth mentioning as well:

Menus are the new pre-loaders.

And to finish us off today:

I liked this because it's got a Saul Bass kinda feel to it.

/.and run.\

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