Thursday, April 9, 2009

No-Stinky #4: Ban (for the ladies)

The Ban site is the first one this week that actually has a reason to use Flash:

An interactive magazine. Score one for the lady team.

Flipping through the pages (and yes they flip), there's a lot going on. Someone took time to make every little thing move. This isn't groundbreaking stuff, but it's nice to see someone trying to make it fun. There's some odd video serials in there too:

Night of the Stinking Dead? No channel on YouTube though. No way to share videos. I think these are at least a half a year old, so maybe there was a push when the campaign began. Wonder how many views they get.

There is of course a contest, monthly even:

I'm really curious to know how many entries they get. I might be too cynical though, as I don't visit the sites they would push this on.

This page makes me want to play with it. And wow, that sounded really f'in weird, especially considering the content of the page. Allow me to rephrase that. This looks like a pop-up book. And Pop-ups are fun to play with. Ok, I think I'll just stop there.

They have a Facebook Fan page:

I think I've included the picture because it's such a sad little place. 61 fans, and i think it's been up for almost a year.

This is one industry that must have to work really really hard to make anyone care. It's not their fault, it's just...who cares about deodorant? Yes, we care about using it, yes we'll even have the brands we like. But would you sign up to be a fan of said brand? Do you stand by your deodorant?

I bet this industry really wishes they could start a good ol'fashioned American rivalry. Like Apple vs. Mac, or old-school Ford vs. Chevy. Little Calvin's pissing in someone's armpits on the back window of a tiny economy car. That would be a fun fight to start.


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