Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Silver Screen #2: Star Trek

I will try to defend myself to say that I am not picking particularly geeky content, even though I am indeed a geek at times (most times). It just so happens the only movie site I looked at today that had anything interesting going on, was Star Trek. Tomorrow I'll swing by that Matthew McConaughey "A Christmas Carol Gone Chick Flick" movie site. Just to even things out.

The Star Trek homepage looks like it started out really cool and then some account person forced it into it's current Bargain Basement attire. The site opens on full-screen, and after you choose a section from the nav the site reveals itself to be full-video as the camera zips you down the halls of the Enterprise to the appropriate room holding the content. Bargain Basement look is gone, and at that point the technique does it job of making you feel like you're on the ship.

The Enterprise itself was always one of the primary characters on the show, and it seems that this was where a lot of the work went online. In the "Panoramas" section you get quicktime 360's (don't see those that often anymore) of certain sections of the ship:

Like the Bridge:

Or the hallways:

I show them both because they're pretty cool. I don't think they're CGI but actual sets.

Taking the focus on the Enterprise even further, it looks like they asked designers around the world to give their own take on the classic ship.

25 different designs, each a different take on the ship.

I think this one is my favorite.

Lastly, finally getting away from the ship, is something I haven't seen before. Paramount set up photobooths and had fans(?) get their photos taken. Then uploaded them and created mosiacs of the characters with them.

The interface is interesting, you can mouse over to get the actual images used (seen in upper right), you can also zoom in, or adjust the detail of the picture. The only fail i found here was that the "Locate a Photo Booth" link just says "Coming Soon" when you mouse-over it. I'm guessing there won't be anymore.

Facebook fans: 183k
Myspace friends: 14k

Wolverine has Star Trek beat in those channels pretty badly. However, Trekkies probably have their own versions of Myspace? I'm really interested in seeing how these differences in numbers correlate to ticket sales.


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