Friday, April 24, 2009

Story-Tellers #2: Stephen King

A friend of mine thinks Stephen's got control of some sort of black hole that allows him to bend time and space and kick out novels on top of novels on top of novels. No doubt the man is prolific. His enthusiasm for creation seems to rub off on his fans as well.

On Stephen Kings' site is a section called The Office. It was created by the fans for the fans, and is a 3D interactive tour with plenty of clickable thingys to keep a fan busy.

The modeling is clean and elegant.

There's a creepy little alien thing wandering around. At one point he jumps up at you and takes up the screen. Twice I tried to screenshot him, and twice I got a blank screen. Just a little weird.

The site contains various trivia spots, and keeps track of the ones you answer correctly. You're told in the beginning that "bronze" members can log-in. I'm assuming you become Bronze by finding everything in the site.

You can say this is great user-generated content, or call the whole community a perfect example of Social Media working (albeit secular), but really it's just a product that inspires others to create and King has the wisdom to embrace that effort.


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