Friday, April 10, 2009

No-Stank #5: Axe

Rounding out the week is the current powerhouse (at least online) of No-Stank, Axe. They've been consistently popping out high quality micro-sites over the last couple years.

Here's their current homepage:

They're set up like the Skittles site we looked at a couple weeks ago. "Instead of keeping you here, we'd rather go where you hang out."

For their products you're directed either to (retail) or Wikipedia.

For the "Axe Effect" you can visit their Youtube page, facebook, stumble upon, or another micro-site for "The Fixers".

It's a show dedicated to helping you fix you're friends who can't hang. Other than the 4 episodes, they have the Pranks. They offer up four different pranks you can pull on your friends, and then post up on the site.

Shameful Picture Prank (basically photoshop your friend), Shocking Wake Ups (film it and upload it. 25 up there that I saw), Suspicious Dating site (complete with fake site), and Morning After Worsener (a video of someone preparing the grossest breakfast ever to share with a hung-over friend). The whole site is really well-executed, both technically and creatively. But I'm surprised their Prank videos aren't up on their YouTube page.

YouTube subscribers: 233
Channel views: 100k +

Facebook fans: 75k+


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