Thursday, April 9, 2009

No-Stank #3: Right Guard

Right Guard hates sweat.

"We are waging war against it, because we want it gone."

"We bone sweat's girlfriend, and key it's car."

Ok they don't say that on the site*.

Another completely Flash site. Not completely sure why it's all in Flash.

Maybe so they could do this:

Not sure if it's noticeable or not, but this is a cut-out person, not video. So Chris has that odd puppet thing going on. No interactivity though, you can't play with him. Video must not have been an option.

Since Right Guard is partnered up with the NBA, there's plenty-o-promotions. One particular one is really interesting, considering the All-Star game for this year is done and gone. The contest was to upload videos of yourself doing Basketball tricks (sounds familiar). If you check their gallery of their submissions, you see this:

Three? The contest was up for at least 2 months. Maybe they only posted the winners here..but I don't think so, everything I'm looking at here says - those are the submissions.

I never jumped on the UGC bandwagon, mostly because all I ever saw was awful, or really poor participation. I spent a whole night going through hundreds of video game ideas on the Dorito's Xbox Live contest site, and it was funny at first, and then sad, and then I found myself wanting to stab my eyeballs.

But recently I've realized that there is hope for UGC. It only works consistently on larger platforms. On YouTube, its working...well. But if you just make a site, and hope that banner traffic or some hand-outs is going to get a ton of great "viral" videos, you'd be better off spending that money on filming your dog taking a crap and post that on YouTube.

And finally...yes, they have a game! YAY. This one is different though. You have to download it. And its called a Game Widget. I haven't seen that term used in this context in a long time. This is what you get:


*I would seriously consider Right Guard if they did.

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Anonymous said...

On the video page, one of the 3 submissions was their own "intro" video. so they only had 2 submissions...ha ha.

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