Monday, April 6, 2009

No-Stank #1: Old Spice

Old Spice offers quite a few nuggets to start the week off.

First, the official site:

A Flash+HTML hybrid that is an odd mix of Hair backgrounds and floating disembodied arms. It offers such gems as the "Problem" menu, so that you can select their product based on your own unique bodily issue, or describing the properties of their products as "Enhances Awesomeness" or "Turns up your Man Smell". Everything the Alpha Metrosexual would look for.

Each page advertises for Old Spice Swagger and it's site -

The swaggerizeme machine demands you play with it's toggles. Do you want more Goodlookiness, Goldenheartedness, Strongliness, Celebrityhood, or Geniusmanship? Not sure who wouldn't want all of the above, every time. You crank the toggles, enter in your name and email and get an email telling you that articles around the web have sprung up about you.

Super Fan blog wrote a post about me!!

The app kicked out 8 articles about me on fake sites. I think i'm supposed to send them to my friends. It might have worked if it had asked me to put in my friends emails at the start. I think too much time was spent on designing the swaggerizer machine, rather then making something I would want to pass on. Make the package more complete with a better email, and pay-off.

What about giving me the option to select from a list of hot women to post how awesome I am on my wall on Facebook? They could post the links to the articles created as "proof".

The second micro-site is for their Double Impact body wash.

The site is alot like the commercial, short and sweet and has some disturbing content. Like...

That's just..kinda wrong. I love it.


Ok, I looked at them all. And that was it. Nothing else to the site, just a great reinforcement of the products duality. Although, I wish they would've added some easter eggs in the bathroom. But if wishes were horses, someone would be half-octopus.


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