Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cup O' Joe #4: Starbucks

Starbucks is named after the first mate from Moby Dick. I did not know that. I got sucker punched by a trivia tidbit!

Ah our old friend the homepage Masthead. Starbucks goes big or goes home, or goes big on home, or something like that. They treat their homepage masthead as a photo/video gallery that you can make full-screen if you want. The simplicity of the rest of the page makes those photos and video pop really well.

Starbucks also has a microsite for their coffees:

You can Explore their coffees, Find your perfect coffee, or visit the Barista Gallery. The site has a "chalkboard mania" vibe to it, with all the animations fitting that. Don't see the connection to Coffee, but it's got a nice atmosphere.

"Explore" coffee is just your basic "click and see an image/copy".

Finding your own coffee is a question type set up almost exactly like the Caribou Coffee one we saw earlier this week, except much more designed:

We've got SLIDER ACTION! Kiss those buttons goodbye as you take a vacation to Slider land. Well, at least until you need to click continue.

Once you've made all your decisions you're given the same Image+Copy that you would've got if you'd just clicked on one of the bags. But they don't have a direct link to buy the coffee.

The Barista gallery is a collection of artwork created by ... baristas:

The artwork is pretty cool. Why not take one of those (like the chicken above) and bring it to life? Or take all of the artwork and bring it to life, and make that your site. Have the coffee information sprinkled throughout as visitor explores. Otherwise, these would be better off on Flickr.

That's about as interactive as it gets on Starbucks. As for Social Media they have a Facebook page, YouTube channel and a Twitter account.

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