Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No-Stank #2: Speed Stick

Today Speed Stick asks the burning question, What's your pit type?

First off, ew. Secondly - Sarlacc, of course.

Speed Stick is sporting an all Flash site as well. Nothing too crazy, or anything that HTML couldn't handle.

In the videos section you find out that Speed Stick has positioned itself as the deodorant of Traceurs, those practitioners of Parkour.

I hope they're planning something more with these videos then what they have here. Parkour is pretty f'in sweet to watch, but these 25 second clips that either show some guy talking or ONE move are not. And why do you have to have the pre-roll before each clip, on your own site. Quick stop at YouTube pulls up no Speed Stick channel or any of these clips.

Guess what. Did you guess? There's a game! yay.

Yes, it plays just like it looks.

Why not take the videos you've shot of the Traceurs and make a game out of those? Make it simple like Dragon's Lair was. We watch some guy running on a rooftop, suddenly an opposite building flashes quickly..if you don't click, you don't see the next clip. Or, add annotations and make it a choose-your-own Parkour adventure on Youtube.

Both of these ideas could be done in-house, like the game above. At least I hope it was in-house...


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